May 4, 2010

a new beggining

Monday, rainy morning, Berlin... and i open my shiny new blog here with a good amount of excitement...
i wish to show here some illustrations that have been made lately and also in the past.
coming back to my profession as an illustrator, after being a full time mother for 2 little adorable kids.
I must say, coming back to it is challenging (how to work when your flat looks like a pollution zone?!), slow (must take a tiny nap...) , exciting (hey, did i do that?) and so great!
It is so cool to draw again.
Here is my last illustration which i did for my up and coming portfolio, waiting to be printed...

it is a piece illustrated for a story of a friend.
the story is about a special girl that pass through the city at night, collecting wishes which fell down to people, being able to see things that others can not. she returns the wishes back to the people who lost them.


Unknown said...

Very nice Ayelet! And interesting concept. New beginings are hard, but it looks like you are doing well. Wishing you the best!
Karen Parnes

Bat Shum said...

Great!!! More!!!

Unknown said...

It’s beautiful and full of emotion and mystery. What medium do you use and what are the dimensions? I would love to see more.
Paula Farhi.

ayelet gad said...

hey, thanks guys! it feels great to get your feedback!
i use acrylic colors and colored pencils and sometimes also pieces of paper, like in this cuple picture.
there is plenty more to feed here.. promise to load it soon..!

Unknown said...

hey ayelet,i like your new ilustration and also the way you write,very honest and lovely.happy new begining.

hamutal said...

הנה, מצאתי את הציור שחשבתי שהורדת, סליחה על הנזיפה - :-), ציור פשוט נפלא. מאוד אני אוהבת את הפורטרט שלך ואת התנועה של הרחוב הנמשך כאילו משערך והלאה, ואת הציפור הנשקפת כאילו מתחת לבגד כאילו מתחת לעור כמו איזה חיים בתוך חיים, או קול בתוך גוף. יפיפה!!!

ayelet gad said...

את מתארת לי בבהירות דברים שנעשו באופן אינטואיטיבי. וזה יפה ומאיר לי בתוכי מחשבות מתחדשות על הציור.