July 19, 2010

east sea הים המזרחי

recipe for a great 2 days vacation:

1 car
5 funny girls..
about 12 bikini sets..
5 different nationalities.. all mixed up.
1 great french cook
1 great American cook
3 different appetiser dishes
4 mp3´s with all the funky music there is..
4 cameras
1 crazy birthday girl (aka Johanna, aka documenting freak)
1 towel for all of us.
beautiful beach, beautiful trees and landscape

stir it up...
try and tell me what you´ve got...

July 12, 2010

tribe man

hey there...
i use a hot and particularly steamy and humid night to post another picture here,
and to tell you about big changes.
this guy, a small ink study of mine, is looking at me with this wise, experienced look of his,
reminding me that there always a point that everything changes.
so i´m letting myself enjoy the feeling of change again.

i was just scratching on the paper and then placed this tribe man over it.
try it.. its liberating...
have all a good and cooling night, ayelet

July 2, 2010


it took me some time to write here again.
been busy on some mental spring cleaning... i´m all fresh now..
it is finaly getting a bit hot here!
the colors are brighter, the mood is good and the spirit is up.
time to go crazy and use some more flashy colors...!
this summer is really inspiring, after all this amount of white snow...
enjoy your sun, ayelet