July 19, 2010

east sea הים המזרחי

recipe for a great 2 days vacation:

1 car
5 funny girls..
about 12 bikini sets..
5 different nationalities.. all mixed up.
1 great french cook
1 great American cook
3 different appetiser dishes
4 mp3´s with all the funky music there is..
4 cameras
1 crazy birthday girl (aka Johanna, aka documenting freak)
1 towel for all of us.
beautiful beach, beautiful trees and landscape

stir it up...
try and tell me what you´ve got...


Anonymous said...

love it!! was the bestest non-b-day i ever had ;)
miss u!

Anonymous said...

Yes a perfect recipe!!!!
Dixit a french cooking girl...
Kisses from Berlin