January 11, 2015

a new beginning!

hi old friends!

its been more than 3.5 years since i wrote my last post in this illustration blog, and i'm very excited to come back to it again..
its like meeting an old good friend again.. a friend you used to have some really cool time, together in the past.
short catch-up, so many things have changed..:

i don't live in berlin anymore, i live in a small town in north of israel, and have my own studio at home. i collect reclaimed wood from the forest and construction sights around my home area, and driftwood from the beaches close by and make little landscapes and miniatures from them.
the stuff you see below this post is my past lives.. the life before i discovered the rewording and motivating wood media!

i started with wood after i moved and settled in. one of my first jobs was to work in a carpentry in down town tel aviv. i collected small pieces of wood from the carpentry, while
searching for my real new home in life.

i shared my little houses with friends and let my kids play with them.. i started building them a land to stand on, and found my real home in a little town up north.

from then on things went pretty fast..
i hanged my art on my walls and people started seeing it and wanted to buy art from me.
i made some custom work for people and enjoyed a blast of happy feedbacks at a special spring art fair in town. from then on i keep collecting old wood to work with, its almost everywhere i go. i see a lovely piece of wood and develop ideas for it.. and create it..
i sometimes come back to paper but it is not that satisfying to me as wood.. :-)

i either illustrate on chunks of boards or build a landscape on them.
i mix it with magazines and old rusty pieces i find.
i love the story behind old pieces. 
here you can see my collection:

the interest in this mixed media art grew more and more. And the search for a piece of land and loaded land under it, keeps motivating me to this day..