May 10, 2010

new week

i hope Monday morning is not banging too hard on your head...
trying to fill my head with music and inspiration. i hear an old song of heather nova called "avalanche".
feels like drawing something for it.
"i lay on the field/in the trailer-park of my dreams/ saving up for some day/but what is "some day" means?...."

it plays a nice image in my head... a big trailer park, old and banged r.v.'s... with old hippy paintings on them...
the song is soft and beautiful. very recommended for Monday mornings...
i recommend hearing the whole "siren" CD.

i add here some old images of mine been made for the Israeli newspaper "haaretz". it was a biographic story about a writer that was born in Chile and run away during the revolution under pinosche. very honestly he talks about his life, his fears and the love to his family.

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