May 31, 2010

gemini תאומים

hi to all,

i dedicate this post to all my beloved 'Gemini' friends...
and to the ones that are far away: Ched, Esther... i miss you and have a great birthday soon!

something in the way these girls look reminds me of me and my sister, in an old picture, when we were kids.
we are not twins, but the feeling is like we are parts of each other... inside this colorful water of change...
(so this post is also for you my sweet).


yeletta said...

אני מאד אוהבת את השינוי
עכשיו זה מרגיש כמו מוסיקה עדינה שמלווה אותן

ayelet gad said...

תודה מותק
כיף שאת כאן