May 28, 2011

technology & our brain

lately i´ve been asked to make a drawing for 'haim acherim' magazine, for an article that talked about multi tasking, technology and what it does to our brain. (it is actualy mess with our brain and more or less stupify us.. acording to this article),
we are drowning in information, and don't have some piece of mind to concentrate on one mission...

i had to use some multitasking to do this job... somehow it worked. thanks to the god of little ideas.
have all a very good week. a.


רונית said...

איורים מקסימים ביותר.

Sonja Kedem said...

Ayelet! Wow, I love your style.. soo beautiful!
// Sonja

ayelet gad said...

thanx ronit & sonja!