December 16, 2010


hey ...
still in the sea world..
i did this work some months ago for the most beautiful sad song.
the one about alfonsina storni, a very beloved Argentinian poet who, by the legend, drowned herself in the ocean.
the lyrics of this song 'alfonsina y el mar' from Ariel Ramirez, are so touching and the melody is soft and lovely.
Mercedes sosa sang it in her early days.
i fell in love once with a guy that sang it to me...
i give you a few words from this song here and their translation (from 'japi´s blog).
hear it when the storm comes...
good, warm night to all.

Te vas Alfonsina
Con tu soledad
¿Qué poemas nuevos
Fuíste a buscar?
Una voz antigua
De viento y de sal
Te requiebra el alma
Y la está llevando
Y te vas hacia allá
Como en sueños
Dormida, Alfonsina
Vestida de mar.

and translation:
You are leaving Alfonsina
With your loneliness
Which new poems
Did you go find?
An ancient voice
Made of wind and salt
Breaks your soul
And takes it away
And you float away
As in dreams
Asleep, Alfonsina
Dressed by the sea

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Anonymous said...

so beutifull !